The Essential Art of Personal Finance Management

By Stephanie Chabot, The Finance Diaries Dear Finance Diaries, In today’s fast-paced world, managing your finances is more important than ever. Studies show that debt has increased and the possibility of retirement dwindles. Whether it’s planning for the future, achieving financial goals, or weathering unexpected storms, the ability to manage your money wisely is anContinue reading “The Essential Art of Personal Finance Management”

The Pandemic Changed My Finances

The years 2020 and 2021 completely altered my finances, and surprisingly not in a bad way. In April of 2020, I realised that the pandemic wasn’t going to be the quick fix everyone was banking on. I knew I wouldn’t just end up back in an office in a month, or even a year. SoContinue reading “The Pandemic Changed My Finances”

The Delicate Art of Real Estate Investing

By Stephanie Chabot It seems like it could be an easy thing to become a landlord, right? Well, it isn’t always quite that easy. How do you decide what kind of landlord you want to be? Do you want to rent a room, a space (like parking or storage), a unit, land, a building? HowContinue reading “The Delicate Art of Real Estate Investing”

I Don’t Have Money To Invest – Help?

You look at your bank balance at the end of the month and there isn’t anything left. You’re hearing that you need to save and put money into an investment account for the future, but how can you even do that if there’s nothing left to invest?

Ready For Your First Day at a New Job?

There are a few easy things that you can do before you start a new job. These simple tips will help you start off on the right foot financially, without sacrificing any of the fun

Not Your Parents’ Finances – A Guide on Investing

You might not be investing because you think you don’t have enough money, or that it’s too much trouble. It certainly isn’t true and let’s change that!