Stephanie Chabot
Consultant, Coach and Personal Finance Educator

I have a goal and that goal is to help you understand personal finance. For you to be able to unlock the knowledge of personal finance that no one taught you in school.

Imagine being able to reach financial freedom and never worry about money again. It is obtainable and doable!!!

The goal here is to open the “secret diary” of topics that aren’t discussed. You should not have to be a finance expert to understand your finances and empowered and comfortable talking about them!

I started my financial journey at a young age, with the help of weekly lessons in finance from my grandfather. With his encouragement, I obtained my Real Estate Brokerage degree, as well as my Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

Since then, I have worked as a real estate broker, as an auditor and now as finance and accounting technology consultant. I think it’s safe to say that I love numbers!

I started The Finance Diaries when I realised that many of my friends did not have the personal finance education that I had pursued in school and been taught by my grandfather.

My goal is to help others worldwide to improve their personal finances by obtaining the knowledge they never received.

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There is no more excuse to learn. Let’s change the game. The diary is unlocked!

Disclaimer and Policies
The Finance Diaries is not a registered investing, financial planning, dealer or broker. All information is not investment advice and is based off of personal opinion with the intended purpose of being educational material. Please do your own research and obtain the financial advice from a Certified Finance Professional (CFP) or other industry expert before making any and all financial and/or investment decisions.

The Finance Diaries site may use affiliate marketing links to assist in paying the costs associated with running the blog. If you click and/or make a purchase through affiliate links on this site, I may receive a small payment, which is at no additional cost to you. I do not and will not agree to market anything that I have not personally tried myself.

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