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The Essential Art of Personal Finance Management

By Stephanie Chabot, The Finance Diaries Dear Finance Diaries, In today’s fast-paced world, managing your finances is more important than ever. Studies show that debt has increased and the possibility of retirement dwindles. Whether it’s planning for the future, achieving financial goals, or weathering unexpected storms, the ability to manage your money wisely is an…

The Pandemic Changed My Finances

The years 2020 and 2021 completely altered my finances, and surprisingly not in a bad way. In April of 2020, I realised that the pandemic wasn’t going to be the quick fix everyone was banking on. I knew I wouldn’t just end up back in an office in a month, or even a year. So…

The Delicate Art of Real Estate Investing

By Stephanie Chabot It seems like it could be an easy thing to become a landlord, right? Well, it isn’t always quite that easy. How do you decide what kind of landlord you want to be? Do you want to rent a room, a space (like parking or storage), a unit, land, a building? How…

Meet Stephanie Chabot

Hi, I’m Stephanie! I have my real estate brokerage degree and I have my Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting. Since then I have worked as a real estate broker, an auditor, and now I am a Finance and Accounting IT Consultant and Real Estate Investor. It’s probably safe to that I love numbers, math, investing and of course: finances!

The experience that I have acquired over the years had led me to helping others reach their full personal finance potential too!

I have helped dozens of people struggling with their personal finances: from those who had no experience managing their finances, to those with general knowledge looking to get ahead. Whether your goal is to get out of debt, build a plan for the future, learn how to start investing or if you need to start from Step 1, I’ve got you covered! Anyone can benefit!

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